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Cucumbers and Melons, OH MY!
  • Ambrosia Muskmelon Cantaloupe
    • Light salmon colored flesh is firm and juicy down to the rind.  Sure to sweeten any fruit salad or just eat it right off the rind.
  • Boston Pickling Cucumbers
    • Dark green, blunt-end cucumber that tastes great straight from the garden or pickled.
  • Moon and Stars Watermelon
    • Compact, sweet fleshed watermelon with distinctive yellow moon and stars on green skin.  Sure to sweeten the hottest of summer days.
  • Straight 8 Cucumbers
    • Straight cucumbers with a sweet, mild flesh.  Great for eating raw in salads, adorning relish trays and for dipping.  Can be pickled when harvested small.
  • Sugarbaby Watermelon
    • Dark green skinned watermelon with fine-textured, red flesh.  Juicy and sweet.

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