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Sweet and Hot Peppers
The sweet and hot peppers are grown in two different garden plots to avoid cross-pollination. 
This way, the hot peppers stay hot and the sweet peppers stay sweet!
  • Anaheim Chili Pepper
    • Also called California chili peppers.  A mild pepper that is great in Mexican cuisine.  Generally roasted , then used for tamales and red sauces.
  • Green Chili Pepper
    • A hot pepper sure to put some fire into your dishes.
  • Gourmet Sweet Peppers
    • Sweet, orange pepper with thick walls and blocky shape.
  • Gypsy Peppers
    • A mild green pepper that goes well with eggs.  Can be roasted and used like Ortega® green chilies.
  • Hot Pizza Peppers
    • Milder than jalapeño peppers, this thick walled variety is delicious on pizza, nachos or anything you want to have the pepper zing without as much fire.  Pepper flavor is even milder when they are red.
  • Mini-belle Sweet Peppers
    • Miniature bell peppers in green, orange, and red.  All are of the sweet variety, but red is the sweetest.

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