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Our Products


We use all of the products available to our customers; therefore, we are committed to adhering to the highest standards to ensure all natural, wholesome goodness.


  • Farm Fresh Eggs
    • White and various shades of brown
  • Homemade Dog Treats
    • Chicken flavor
    • Vegetable flavor
  • Homemade Cat Treats
    • Chicken flavor
    For fruits, vegetables, and herbs, please use the links on the home page for specific descriptions.
  • Fresh Fruits (seasonal, varies from year to year)
  • Fresh Vegetables (seasonal, varies from year to year)
  • Fresh Herbs/Spices
    • Herbs can be fresh or we can dry them for you.
  • Natural Soaps
    • Liquid - scents vary
    • Bar - scents vary
  • All natural, unfiltered honey
  • Agricultural shares (coming soon)
  • Fresh Pork and Pork Products (coming soon)
  • Fresh Beef, Cow Milk and Milk Products (coming soon)
  • Fresh Goat Milk and Milk Products (coming soon)


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