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Antelope Acres Farm's Mission - We Believe (Adapted from Johnson & Johnson's Credo©)

We believe our first responsibility is to our clients: the men, women, children, and pets who use our products.  We are responsible to provide safe, wholesome, natural products of high quality.  We must always look for ways to provide better products and service to keep costs down without sacrificing the quality, safety, or wholesomeness of our products.  We must always act with honesty and integrity in all that we do.  We must strive to maintain adequate supplies to fill customer orders in a timely manner.
We believe our next responsibility is to the animals and land that provide us the opportunity to bring wholesome products to our clients.  We must treat the animals and land with the utmost respect.  We must provide the animals with adequate housing to shelter them from the elements, spacious pastures to enjoy the outdoors and get adequate exercise to maintain healthy lifestyles, proper amounts of nutritious food, and clean, fresh water on a daily basis.  We must provide the animals with adequate veterinary care when necessary.  We must give our animals the highest quality of life possible.  We are responsilbe for using safe and humane methods for providing food for ourselves and our clients.  We are responsible for using sustainable farming methods including, but not limited to crop rotation, cover crops for erosion control and green manuring, rain/snow collection for irrigation, and compost/ animal manure for soil amending.
We are responsilbe to the community we live in and the surrounding areas.  We must protect the environment and the natural resources.  We must use as many renewable resources as possible, recycle what we can, and limit the amount of non-renewable items we use.  We must support local charities through donations/volunteering. 
 Our final responsibility is to our business.  We must be able to make a fair profit.  We must keep current with new technologies, be creative and experiment with new ideas that support sustainable, eco-friendly farming.  We must learn from our mistakes to keep the company moving forward.  When we follow these principles, our clients, animals, community and business will benefit.


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